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Everybody's the winner


Lord Dogma by BenorianHardback26
Lord Dogma
A troublesome villain from the Nintendo 3DS game: Puzzle & Dragons Z is as Troublesome as can be. Whenever when playing as either a male or female hero, all you have to do is collect, train and evolve your monsters to fight and save the world from Lord Dogma and his minions.

This is a 3DS sequel of the Android's first Puzzle & Dragons game!

Lord Dogma (c) Gunho Entertainment Inc.

Artwork (c) BenorianHardback26.
I love to see this episode but Yuya Sakaki lost a duel against the king of kings himself, Jack Atlas! Why? Because Jack Atlas's Red Dragon Archfiend Scar Right destroys both Yuya's monsters then Yuya takes damage for each monsters destroyed and Jack then finishes him off by allowing his Ace monster to attack him directly! Poor Yuya...!
  • Mood: Unhappy
I finally Completed the Classic Mode at the Intensity 9.0: Nothing Harder as my main, Bowser!!! OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! :D

:iconsexybowserplz::iconsaysplz:I finally Won! Take that Chums!
  • Mood: Relief
I'm ready to participate in the tournament!
  • Mood: Joy
I have No Idea!! Crow Hogan and Jack Atlas both returns as alternative counterpart in the upcoming forth Yu gi oh spinoff series, Yu Gi Oh Arc-V!!

here's Crow Hogan:…

and here's Jack Atlas:…
  • Mood: Joy
If Fifi doesn't come, then game over. anyway, I didn't the Super Smash Bros. Wii U anyway. I hope you make a fan art of either me or :iconqueenofskunks:. you guys are my best friends and without you, I would end up becoming lonely. :)
  • Mood: Joy


BenorianHardback26's Profile Picture
Benorian Antonio Casas
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Benorian is a forth Shokan that only exist from the dimension called Inworld. When he was an infant, his parents fell victim to the deadly meteor after they put him in the escape pod. Leaving him as the last of his Shokan warrior race of Inworld! He was adopted by the beautiful Skunkette, Joline la Fume. Who raised him as her very own. Despite his incredibly strength, little Benorian is also very tough however, he enjoys stay with his adoptive mother until he grown up. As a teenager, he trains as he becomes stronger asd faster, making him a toughest fighter in the world despite his slightly normal body! Unlike other Shokan race, he has the most powerful body armor plus his tail with the huge club is very powerful! When he met the human girl named Aurora Destiny Fudo, he became infatuated! However, he focus on math, physical education (P.E. for short) and other things related. He really hates bullies that beating him up, until Aurora Destiny Fudo saves him by beating up the bullies herself. As an adult, Benorian married to Aurora Destiny Fudo when she became the Wereskunk Queen! He now has three children, and he became the general of the Grothiácephalus Army. He became the Wereskunk himself, losing all his abilities except his fire breath and four of his arms. Benorian does fishing but he also does harvesting and hunting as well. His son, Benorian Jr. has a strength heritage as his father, making Benorian proud! having his son now the new commander of the Grothiàcephalus Troops. Now as Benorian Fudo Sr, he spends most of his time with his kids. He loves how Aurora Destiny Fudo farting and as expected, he enjoys being farted by his lovely wife!

Not only he manipulates fire but also the power of earth! He uses earth based attacks like Earth punch, which can knock foes off balance by punching the ground or Gaia Flail, where Benorian's tail club glows bright green, is slow but incredibly powerful. When it does, he became the hybrid! His body armor plus his tail club returns, which doubles his defensive power, making him a more tougher than the first Shokan of Outworld, Prince Goro. Benorian's son also joins him as well as his Grothiàcephalus legions. His weakness involves of him being scared of women that targets him to separate from his wife. That's were Aurora Destiny Fudo comes to the rescue! She sprays her foul-smelling musk at any women for stealing him from her! Mario, the Red plumber tries to defeat Benorian but unfortunately, he fails to defeat him, Not even King Bowser Koopa can stop the Shokan King of the Black Rose Kingdom. Princess Peach is the only one who defeats him by simply asking him nicely to calm down, making him less likely attack. He even curl himself into a heavily armored spike ball, making it impossible to attack him. He fells asleep due to his victory. His son is strong enough to carry his father home, eeither on his own or with his Grothiàcephalus troops, even with his mother (Aurora Fudo helps her son carries him home as well his sisters.) Like Bowser, He has the highest amount of invincibility, making it impossible to kill him! Not even lava! Even his family has an equal amount of invincibility!

Benorian must eat as little bit of food as possible. He relies on healthy food which has an energy that can him active during his lifetime. Sometimes, he eats meat as well but only he cooks it.

He's also one of Master Hand's employee, where he and his Grothiàcephalus fellow employees gives the invitations to all the fighters of the gaming universe, young and old! (But not senior citizens) he refused to give up until every invitations is put into anyone's mailbox!

Freinds from the Video Game/ Cartoon / Anime universe:

:icongamesrp-bowser: he's the King of Awesome! Go get him King Bowser!

:iconask-king-dededeplz: The great King of Dreamland Clobber that there Kirbeh! (I don't blame Kirby though)

:iconfifilafume: she's moi younger cousin, cute no?

:icontheblackrosewitch: she's a great friend and a psychic-duelist!

:iconiamscorpionmk9: he's the hellspawn, he's awesome as Bowser!

:iconlovelylittlebitch: she's the horny Angel!

:iconi-ggy--koopaling: he's one of Bowser's koopalings! This kid insanely awesome!

:iconzazzthezeti: he's one of the Deadly Six! He's insane as Iggy is and he puts anybody in the box if angered!

:iconzeenathezeti: Don't ruin her nail art!

:iconlucarlo: an Aura Pokémon!

:iconthesynchrohero: the turbo-duelist and Akiza's savior!

:iconcalamity-coyote: he's smart!

:iconbriefplz::icongeekboyplz: he's the good friend. I always help him overcome his scaredy-cat issues

:icondoubledplz: he's very smart, polite and neat!

My Family/soldiers:

:iconqueenofskunks: My Beautiful, Stinky-Sweetheart!

:iconhabilicephalus::iconhabilicephalus2: Moi soldiers! they don't do much except, they can curl themselves into a ball.


:iconblackroselori: she's the friend of mine who loves my artwork!

:icontheblackrosewitchxxx: This female DeviantArtist loves my art as well. :)

:iconsithvampiremaster27: he's my friend who loves cartoons, movies and many more!

:iconmylesterlucky7: this friend of mine travels
Denver as he embark on his adventure! (Also, he hates ringing noises so don't get him mad!)

Please read the rules or you'll be blocked!:

1. No highly offensive comments on my DeviantArt page!

2. No spamming!

3. Any "Thanks for the Fave" or hello is nicely fine. I can be very happy when you're happy.

4. I can role play with anyone.

5. No stealing my artwork unless if a request, if you steal my artwork without my Permission, I will report you!

6. If you want to, you can add my art to your favorite first then post a comment or post a comment first then add my art to your favorites. It doesn't matter.

7. No posting a link unless if it's your artwork, video game website or anything else, if this link contains a porn related website or something else disgusting, then I wll block you and call the staff to report you!

8. No God mod and Mary sues both!

9. I don't liked to be tagged!

10. Do not offend my friend's account as well as harassing them! Or else, I will find you and report you!

11. No Troll face, I can't stand them! If you post a plz account that only has a troll face of any kind, I will block you permanently!

12. Hate comments are banned!

13. I don't do request unless my mother buys more pencils, sharpeners and erasers. If I don't, then no request!

14. Don't mention about my brother, David! He passed away at 2/1/2014.

15. I don't do digital art work unless I mastered it! It's kinda hard to drawing any pics despite this.

15. I don't do commission unless if you tell me how you made it! Is this really easy or hard?

Read the rules above or get blocked!

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